7 Chicana Feminist Authors You Should Be Reading

I am a woman of color. If you are too, you probably understand my frustration when I say it was nearlyimpossible to find role models in the mainstream media as a child. I don’t know about you but, that doesn’t sit well with me.

As a young Chicana/Xicana, I probably read fewer than a handful of Latino/a authors throughout grade school. With a lack of representation came a sense of lost identity—which was followed by a need to assimilate. It wasn’t until I picked upBorderlands by Gloria Anzaldua that I had an “oh shit!” moment, when my identity as a Chicana womyn began to make sense. During the reading of this profound book, I actually allowed myself to love myself from who I am, color and all.

With only a few days remaining in National Hispanic Heritage Month, I encourage you to honor my revolutionary Chicana sisters who have changed the lives of many feminists across the racial spectrum. Check the slideshow below for a recommended reading list!

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Image credit:The Life & Times of Butch Dykes: Gloria Anzaldúa by Eloisa Aquino

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