About Me

Gisselli enjoys working with awesome companies. She has content marketing experience in feminism, tech, pets, entertainment, wellness, fashion, and non-profit industries. When she’s not styling her smoothie photo shoots or sipping kombucha, you can probably find her cuddling with her pug, Dexter, out in nature or soaking up good juju in a yoga studio.


Work Experience

CallFire, Compelling Content Solutions, Dogstr, Ms. Magazine, Forth Magazine, SpinMedia, Proud2BMe, About-Face, oBaz, Amba Yoga, Farbod Barsum


Skill Spectrum

Editorial :: SEO/SEM :: Copywriting :: Email Marketing :: Content Marketing :: Social Media :: Media Literacy :: Trauma Yoga Facilitator


Project — 03

Adios Negativity


Shoot me an email at gisselli.r@gmail.com